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Numbers You Need to Know: 11 ROI-Boosting Rental Property Metrics

To fully maximize your real estate investment and ensure you’re making sound financial decisions, tracking specific rental property metrics is crucial. These numbers and formulas will help you determine the state of your current investments and make decisions about potential ones. Investing in real estate, especially income-generating real estate like a rental property, requires a
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5 Most Common Tenant Complaints and How to Handle Them

The truth of being a landlord in Bethesda is that tenant complaints are inevitable. While your rental property may be perfect in your eyes, a tenant may find one or two faults in it or their experience. Fortunately, handling common tenant complaints is an opportunity to set yourself apart from other landlords. When you handle
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9 Reasons That Will Make You Want to Hire a Property Manager Today

Rental property owners are working with property management companies more than ever. Over recent years, studies showed an increase of about 11 points in rental owners’ desire for property managers. With the current demand for property management, finding a good property manager in Rockville, MD could prove difficult, as their services are highly sought after.
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8 Ingenious Tips to Attract Long-Term Tenants in Ellicott City, MD

One of the most time-consuming and expensive parts of managing rental property in Ellicott City is acquiring new tenants each year. What if you could avoid this task altogether while increasing your ROI without expending much effort? It’s possible! You can reduce vacancy rates, earn more rental income, and maximize your investment’s ROI when you
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How to Effectively Handle Property Maintenance Emergencies

Anything can happen when you’re a rental property owner in Annapolis, Maryland, especially when it comes to emergency property maintenance. As a landlord, you have taken on the responsibility to provide a habitable place for your tenants to live 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.   Therefore, if something goes wrong and there’s an
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Don’t Miss These 7 Red Flags During Tenant Screening

Before letting someone sign a lease to rent your Gaithersburg rental property, the first thing you should do is conduct a tenant screening. With this thorough screening process, you’ll get to know the potential tenant better and their rental history. You don’t want just anyone living in the rental property you worked so hard to
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Tenant Retention: The Savvy Landlord’s Secret to Saving Money

We often see new – and sometimes experienced – landlords in Annapolis make the mistake of focusing on acquiring new tenants rather than retaining the tenants they have. They spend hundreds, even thousands, each year to find new tenants. With high marketing costs, commission fees to real estate agents, and professionally cleaning the property, landlords
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7 Tips To Help Landlords Determine the Best Rental Price

A lot of factors enter the equation when it comes to deciding on the rental price for your rental property in Bethesda, MD.  Do you wish to beat the competition while maintaining a reputation of having the best rental property there is? Do you want your rental price to attract tenants without worrying about losing
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