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Maximizing Property Investments Through 1031 Exchanges in Maryland

The 1031 exchange, a like-kind exchange, allows property owners to defer capital gains and depreciation recapture taxes when selling an investment or business property and replacing it with a “like-kind” investment.  Although the process is complicated, knowing how to use this tax deferment strategy can fund more investments, making it an essential tool.  What is
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How to Effectively Handle Property Maintenance Emergencies

Anything can happen when you’re a rental property owner in Annapolis, Maryland, especially when it comes to emergency property maintenance. As a landlord, you have taken on the responsibility to provide a habitable place for your tenants to live 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.   Therefore, if something goes wrong and there’s an
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Tenant Retention: The Savvy Landlord’s Secret to Saving Money

We often see new – and sometimes experienced – landlords in Annapolis make the mistake of focusing on acquiring new tenants rather than retaining the tenants they have. They spend hundreds, even thousands, each year to find new tenants. With high marketing costs, commission fees to real estate agents, and professionally cleaning the property, landlords
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7 Tips To Help Landlords Determine the Best Rental Price

A lot of factors enter the equation when it comes to deciding on the rental price for your rental property in Bethesda, MD.  Do you wish to beat the competition while maintaining a reputation of having the best rental property there is? Do you want your rental price to attract tenants without worrying about losing
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