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Is It Possible to Manage a Rental Property Remotely?

With the undeniable rise of remote work opportunities in recent years, landlords can only help but wonder, is it possible to manage a rental property remotely?  If an accountant, marketing manager, tutor, or full-time entrepreneur can work remotely, then why can’t a landlord?  The answer is yes! It is completely possible to manage a rental
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What Are Good Questions to Ask Tenant References?

Finding good, high-quality tenants to lease your Germantown rental property can be time-consuming and, at times, frustrating. This is especially true when you follow a thorough tenant screening and have to find questions to ask tenant references.  Even though the tenant screening process can delay renting out your property, it is a necessary part of
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How to Write a Successful Rental Property Listing in Germantown, MD

Rental property vacancies are inevitable, but that doesn’t mean they have to greatly affect your rental income. When you master the art of writing an effective rental property listing, you can fill vacancies in a matter of days.  One of the hardest tasks for landlords trying to fill a vacant rental is advertising the vacancy
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