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What If My Tenant Wants to Break the Lease? Tips for Landlords in Maryland

As a Maryland landlord, navigating the waters of a tenant breaking a lease can be complex and challenging. A tenant who wants to break their lease prematurely can create confusion and financial stress. This becomes an uncomfortable situation for everyone involved. 

When a tenant wants to break to the lease it can be difficult to deal with.

To help relieve that stress, let’s delve into the practical steps you should take if your tenant wants to break the lease. 

Importance of Lease Agreements 

Lease agreements play a pivotal role in the landlord-tenant relationship, establishing a legal framework that outlines both parties’ rights, responsibilities, and expectations. The lease agreement serves as a safeguard against potential disputes by clearly defining terms such as the duration of the lease, rent amount, late payment penalties, and conditions for lease termination. 

These agreements provide the landlord with security, ensuring a steady income stream for the negotiated term. While, from a tenant’s perspective, a lease agreement guarantees a place to live for a defined period. It’s vital for both parties to understand and respect the terms of the lease agreement to maintain a harmonious relationship.

An early termination clause in the lease specifies the conditions under which the tenant can end the lease prematurely without facing legal repercussions. This important clause provides a clear framework for lease termination, reducing the possibility of disputes and safeguarding both parties’ interests.

What If No Early Termination Clause Is Present? 

If your tenant’s lease does not include an early termination clause, they will still have to pay total rent until the end of the lease agreement or face legal proceedings. As a landlord in Maryland, you are legally obligated to lessen the damages by attempting to find a new tenant for the remaining lease term. 

Valid Reasons for a Tenant to Break a Lease

Before we dive into how to handle this situation, let’s first understand some valid reasons why a tenant might want to break their lease:

  • Military Duty: Federal law allows service members to break a lease if they receive deployment orders or a permanent change of station. The Servicemembers Civil Relief Act protects those in the military from paying for an entire lease on a property they no longer inhabit.
  • Unsafe Living Conditions: Tenants may legally break a lease if the property is dangerous or violates Maryland health or safety codes.
  • Domestic Violence: In many states, victims of domestic violence have the right to break their lease without penalty.
  • Health Issues: Serious health issues that prevent the tenant from living independently could be a valid reason to break the lease.

Unjustifiable Reasons for a Tenant to Break a Lease

While there are circumstances under which a tenant may have legal grounds to break a lease, there are also instances where the motives to terminate the lease prematurely do not qualify as valid. Landlords need to recognize these cases to maintain their rights and to manage their properties effectively:

  • Change of Job or Job Loss: While losing a job or switching to a new one can be a significant life event, it is not considered a valid legal reason to break a lease.
  • Relocation Due to Personal Reasons: A desire to move closer to family, to move in with a partner, or to relocate for a lifestyle change does not justify breaking a lease.
  • Disliking the Property or Neighborhood: If a tenant decides they no longer like the property or the surrounding neighborhood after signing the lease, they are still legally bound to their contractual agreement.
  • Purchasing a Home: Deciding to buy a home while on a lease does not provide legal grounds for lease termination.

Landlords should ensure that the lease agreement clearly outlines the conditions under which a lease can be terminated to avoid any potential misunderstandings or disputes.

Steps to Follow When Dealing with a Tenant Who Wants to Break the Lease

1. Assess the tenant’s situation: If the tenant is facing an emergency preventing them from fulfilling their lease obligations, it might be beneficial for both parties to end the lease before its expiration date. 

2. Check the lease: Before proceeding with any further action, review your tenant’s lease agreement and make sure it includes an early termination clause. If such a clause is present, check what conditions need to be met for the tenant to break their lease without penalty.

3. Negotiate: Talk to your tenant and try to find a mutually beneficial arrangement. If your tenant cannot provide full payment for the entire duration of the lease, consider offering them an alternative solution, such as early termination, in exchange for a partial refund or a certain amount of rent discount. 

4. Get it in writing: Whatever arrangement you reach should be written down and agreed upon by both parties to avoid future misunderstandings. Ensure the document is signed and legally binding before filing it with the court of law.

The Benefit of Hiring Mainstay Property Management in Maryland

Happy landlord after trusting Mainstay to help if a tenant wants to break the lease.

Handling a lease break can be stressful and time-consuming. That’s where Mainstay Property Management comes in. Here’s how hiring us can benefit you:

  • Professional Service: Our experienced team knows the ins and outs of Maryland’s landlord-tenant law. We can provide expert advice on handling a lease break legally. 
  • Tenant Replacement: We can swiftly find high-quality tenants to fill your vacancy, reducing potential loss of income.
  • Detailed Financial Reports: We handle all paperwork related to lease termination and new tenant leasing, saving you time and stress.
  • Property Maintenance: We ensure your property remains in excellent condition, ready for new tenants at any time.

While having a tenant break the lease can be challenging, it doesn’t have to be a nightmare. You can navigate this process smoothly and effectively with the proper support and guidance. 

At Mainstay Property Management, we’re committed to providing our clients with top-notch service to make property management as hassle-free as possible. So, if you need assistance, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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