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7 Common Rental Property Repairs Every Landlord Should Be Prepared For

As a landlord in Montgomery County, you can expect to face a variety of rental property repairs. Unfortunately, homes and appliances aren’t built perfectly and can be damaged or simply worn down over time.

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When you decided to own a rental property, you took on important responsibilities. If and when something does break in your rental property, you must repair it promptly for your tenants.

In this article, we’re going to explore the most common rental property repairs in Montgomery County, so you’re always prepared when your tenants call with a problem.

Smoke Detectors

1.3 million fires happen in the United States each year. Smoke detectors are required by law to be in working condition in a rental property to help keep your tenants safe. As a landlord, you must ensure that they are functioning correctly.

Make sure to change the batteries every year to ensure they are functioning. This can be done right before a new tenant moves in. However, let your tenants know to contact you if it starts to beep or isn’t working correctly so you can come and fix it.

It’s also good practice to replace smoke detectors every ten years or so. While this isn’t a major rental property repair, it is absolutely essential.

Holes in Drywall

Once or twice, you will run into a hole in the drywall of your rental property in Montgomery County. This could be caused by tenants moving furniture, opening a door too quickly, or some young kids horse playing.

Luckily, fixing holes in drywall is fairly simple. All you need is some supplies from your local hardware store and a couple of hours. Unless the entire wall needs to be replaced, most landlords can make this rental property repair themselves.

You should note that if a tenant does cause a hole in the drywall that you can deduct the cost to repair it from their security deposit. This way, you are compensated for your time and the supplies to repair.

Leaky Faucets

If your tenants start to hear drip drip drip coming from the bathroom or kitchen, ask them to call you. This sound could be caused by a leaky faucet. These leaky faucets contribute to the 11,000 gallons of wasted water by the average home each year.

Leaky faucets can also lead to a more expensive water bill if water constantly drips. This isn’t good news for whoever pays the bill. No matter who pays the water bill, have your tenants contact you immediately if they notice a leaky faucet.

This common rental property repair is quite easy to fix with a quick YouTube video and a wrench. However, if it turns out to be more serious, calling a plumber may be a good idea.

Frozen Pipes

A common rental property repair in Montgomery County is experiencing frozen pipes. With cold winters, pipes are at risk of freezing and even bursting. When it comes to a burst pipe, it’s best to call a professional to handle it.

But if the pipes are simply frozen, you can take care of it easily with a hairdryer and some patience. However, to prevent frozen pipes in the winter, require your tenants to keep a consistent temperature in the property. You can even add it as a clause to the lease.

Running Toilets

A good porcelain toilet can stay in great condition for many years. Unfortunately, the same can’t be said for the inner workings of it. Sometimes, an old toilet tends to run more often than not, which can lead to wasting water and a higher water bill.

To prevent making this common rental property repair, consider replacing the interior mechanism of a toilet every few years. This will ensure it keeps working properly and hopefully won’t require much maintenance.

Garbage Disposals

Tenants absolutely love having garbage disposals in their homes, but it can be a nightmare for landlords. Garbage disposals are probably the most common rental property repair a landlord must deal with.

Since tenants don’t always know how to use a garbage disposal, they can put items that don’t belong down there. One way to prevent this damage is to educate your tenants on what can and cannot be put down a garbage disposal when they first move in.

Broken Appliances

While this rental property repair doesn’t necessarily have to do with the property itself, it is a common problem landlords face. Whether it’s a broken dishwasher, washing machine, or refrigerator, appliances can break unexpectedly.

Sometimes the repair is as simple as replacing a part. Other times you may have to replace the entire appliance. It’s a good idea to speak to a customer service representative either where you bought the appliance or the appliance’s brand. They can help you decide if you can make this repair yourself, need a professional, or should buy a replacement.

Should You Make Rental Property Repairs Yourself?

There are plenty of factors, advantages, and disadvantages when it comes to making repairs yourself. First, it depends on the repair. If it’s small and relatively simple, then you can probably fix it alone.

However, if it’s a more complicated repair such as a burst pipe or leaking roof, you probably want to call in a professional. It all depends on your experience and background, though!

If you do decide to make the repairs yourself, remember that it will require a lot of your time. Not only do you have to spend time making the repairs, but you also have to spend time getting the right supplies.

While fixing it yourself may cost you a few extra dollars, it occupies a lot of your valuable time.

Get Help with Rental Property Repairs in Montgomery County

As a landlord in Montgomery County, you don’t have to face these rental property repairs alone. Mainstay Property Management is the property management company landlords trust to manage and maintain their properties.

Imagine never having to go to your rental property to fix a minor repair. Instead, Mainstay Property Management handles the maintenance request from your tenant and schedules the repair. All you have to do is sit back and relax.

Mainstay does more than just handle maintenance issues, though. From tenant acquisition to collecting rent each month, Mainstay is a full-service property management company waiting to help you enjoy the pleasures of passive income.

Contact us to speak to one of our experienced team members about how we can take care of your rental property repairs in Montgomery County.

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