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Affordable Ways to Increase Your Bowie Rental’s Curb Appeal

At Mainstay Property Management, we understand the importance of a strong first impression, especially when it comes to attracting quality tenants to your Bowie rental property. A property with high curb appeal not only rents faster, but also commands better rent prices.  The good news? Creating a welcoming and attractive exterior doesn’t require a hefty
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Tenant Retention: The Savvy Landlord’s Secret to Saving Money

We often see new – and sometimes experienced – landlords in Annapolis make the mistake of focusing on acquiring new tenants rather than retaining the tenants they have. They spend hundreds, even thousands, each year to find new tenants. With high marketing costs, commission fees to real estate agents, and professionally cleaning the property, landlords
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7 Tips To Help Landlords Determine the Best Rental Price

A lot of factors enter the equation when it comes to deciding on the rental price for your rental property in Bethesda, MD.  Do you wish to beat the competition while maintaining a reputation of having the best rental property there is? Do you want your rental price to attract tenants without worrying about losing
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How to Handle Late Paying Renters

Purchasing a rental property can be risky, especially if you self-manage the property as an independent landlord. Collecting rent from your tenants in Columbia, Maryland, is crucial to making your real estate investment profitable. Unfortunately, some tenants may not always pay their rent on time. For landlords, this can be distressing and problematic. When you
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